Different SEO Techniques

If you want to use SEO for your website’s improvement, then you must understand that there are different methods in optimizing your websites or contents for search engines. But before that, you must understand that you have to commit yourself in the process. SEO isn’t a one-time change or work that you can leave for years after getting done. In fact, SEO is continuous and once you begin, you should not stop. Maintaining a website search engine optimized requires regular visit to SEO sites, blogs and search engine news because technology is ever changing. A valid and excellent method that works today might be considered vague tomorrow, the next month, the next year, or the next decade. No one holds SEO and search engines who can declare a final and one time standard. In fact, the standard is living and it changes from time to time. Now, if you are ready to commit yourself into the world of SEO, let us begin with the different SEO techniques.

Optimize Title Tags

The title tag is the one you can see on browser tabs when your website is loaded. It’s also the bold piece of phrase that you can see from a list of search engine results. It can be considered to be one of the most important tags in SEO and a title tag must describe the contents of a webpage or website. A title tag should:

  • Have less than or equal to 70 characters
  • Contain product or service or content related keyword
  • Be informative, clear and concise

Optimize Meta Descriptions

If you use a search engine, you can see the title tag and a short description underneath. That’s what a Meta description is. Aside from the title tag that directly says what your content is, the Meta description includes a very brief summary of the webpage or website’s content. This is intended to be a support for the title tag and should help visitors to decide whether to click your link or not. A Meta description should be around 120 to 160 characters long and while they are not really effective for SEO, they can greatly increase CTR. One example of a good Meta description is the one from Shopify:

  • “Shopify’s POS system is the easiest way to manage your retail business and sell in person. Try Shopify POS free for 14 days.”

Create Excellent Content

Your content or site’s body should have optimized and keyword-targeted headings (those h1, h2, h3 tags, etc.) Plus, your website’s content greatly matters. Make sure that you actually have an excellent and well-written content in order to let the web crawlers know that you actually have an excellent product, service or information to offer to the visitors. That’s where the phrase “Content is king” came from.